The peaceful liberation of the Holy Places in the XIV century - Sabino De Sandoli

The peaceful liberation of the Holy Places in the XIV century

The brief study intends to demonstrate how the royals of Naples, Robert of Anjou and Sancha of Majorca, through peaceful negotiations (1333-1335) succeeded in obtaining legally from the Sultan of Egypt Muhammed En-Naser the reopening to the Christian cult of the four principal shrines of the Holy Land. This achievement of great historical importance was praised and confirmed by the two Bulls of Pope Clement VI (1342).
The king and Queen of Naples entrusted the four shrines to the Franciscan Friars. Also at this particular time, as at the time of the Crusades (1099-1291), the religious of the various Oriental rites were admitted in three churches to carry out their liturgies at their respective altars.
The author introduces the reader to this event through a historical synthesis of the preceding centuries. He points out that on two other occasions (1299 and 1241), the Holy Places were restored to the Christian cult without recourse to warfare. Finally he concludes with a chronology of the four shrines (1333-1561) reporting facts which show how the Franciscans kept and looked after these Holy Places.

(The book is available also in French: La libération pacifique des Lieux Saints au XIVe siècle)


Lingua: Inglese
Numero pagine: 99
Formato: Libro
Anno di pubblicazione: 1990

Editore: The Franciscan Centre of Christian Oriental Studies

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