The Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo (III) - Hilary Schneider

The Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo (III)

Part III, the pottery

The excavations at Siyâgha (Mount Nebo) were undertaken primarily as part of the program of the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, which aims at giving both professors and students every opportunity of becoming thoroughly acquainted with the Land of the Bible. The present publication aims at giving a complete and accurate report of all discoveries which were made at Siyâgha (Mount Nebo); their relation to other discoveries is indicated wherever possible.
This volume is the third of the series “The Memorial of Moses on Mount Nebo” in 3 parts:
I. The Text
II. The Plates
III. The Pottery


Lingua: Inglese
Numero pagine: 135
Formato: Libro
Anno di pubblicazione: 1950

Editore: Franciscan Printing Press

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